Tips from the Pipe Surgeon on How to Clear a Blocked Kitchen Drain

Your kitchen drain has the roughest plumbing-related job anywhere in your home (although the toilet could have an argument.) Quite simply put, the things that go down your kitchen drain and attached garbage disposal are highly unpredictable. While we all intend to practice responsible drain operation, sometimes it’s just easier to dump food, bones, grease, and debris down the drain instead of walk 4 feet to the garbage can!

Kitchen drains put up a good fight, but they can still succumb to issues. Whether it’s an item that takes a long time to build up such as grease or something that creates an instant blockage like bones it’s important to clear the clog as soon as possible. It’s always recommended to call the Pipe Surgeon just to be safe, as here are my steps to clear a kitchen drain backup.

The Pipe Surgeon

1. Baking Soda / Vinegar Combination – first pour baking soda into your drain or mix up 1/3 of a cup. Now, either dump vinegar into the drains or add 1/3 of a cup to the mix and dump the mixture down the drains. The solution fizzes which works to break up the gunk that has blocked your pipes. After letting the mixture sit in the drains for a while, flush it out with boiling hot water.

2. Use a Wet Vac – there are two ways to clear clogs by either 1) pushing them out or 2) pulling them back. The suction of a wet vac may be enough to bring the clog back to you and it avoids the risk of a buildup further down the route.

3. Bent Coat Hanger – if the blockage is close enough you can create your own ‘snake tool’ with a bent clothes hanger. Try and hook the debris and bring it back to you.

If these methods fail to work The Pipe Surgeon is only a call away.


Author: The Pipe Surgeon

The Pipe Surgeon is an experienced main drain plumbing maintenance and service contractor. The main plumbing line into the house serves as a source of water but also acts to cycle out used, gray water. We inspect this drain line and make sure it is free of blockages while also ensuring the pipes and fixtures are sound and in excellent working condition.

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