The Pipe Surgeon Tips on How to Clear Main Drain Blockage

It goes without saying that the main water pipe entering your home is kind of a big deal. The Pipe Surgeon would like to reiterate that not only does the main drain allow water into your home, it is also the source of water leaving your property as well. It could be argued that the ability for water to be dispersed from your home is even more important than it entering when you consider toilet waste and gray water from showers, laundry, etc.

The Pipe Surgeon

The main issue surrounding main drain maintenance is access. Your kitchen or even bathroom area pipes are in relatively close quarters but the main drain extends out into your yard and the nearby property. It’s always best to hire a professional when dealing with the main water supply to your house. Some of our most tried and true methods of solving main drain blockage includes:

Boiling Water – sometimes it takes nothing more than scolding water to start to break down debris and create a clear path through your plumbing system.

Chemicals – whether it be baking soda and vinegar, sodium hydroxide, or household drain cleaner many times chemicals are needed to start to break apart blockages.

Snake Tool – This ‘plumber’s best friend’ uses a more physical approach to clean out a drain.

Water Jet – high-pressured water is great for clearing the gunk off the walls of the pipe.

The Pipe Surgeon recommends professional use for all these methods to avoid risk of plumbing damage and personal injury.